Who are Onorio ( website Onorion.live)?

Onorio Logo

Onorio Logo

Onorio is  one of the newest brokers in the forex trading market and not such a well-known name as yet but we expect that to change.  they have all the tools knowhow and technical support to becoming a major player in Eastern Europe with a strong banking heritage.

Onorio Account Types

Onorio offers both retail and professional trading accounts alongside a range of banking and investment services. Account applications are generally made online and there is currently no option to use the phone instead.

Accounts Onorio

Accounts Onorio

To apply you simply provide contact details and select the services that you are interested in. The application process can be completed in 15 minutes according to the bank. One of the attractions to opening an account at Onorio offers  Full STP Technology – With No Conflict of Interests

Onorio is managed and run by internet trading industry veterans. Our technology is one of the leading trading platforms. Onorio is committed to providing competitive prices, advanced technology and a professional service for all types of traders.

The Onorio Vision

Our statement anchors Onorio and formalizes our company’s goals, principles and values for our clients, employees and Senior Management.
We aspire to empower traders through facilitating advanced innovative, technological solutions and trading platforms that allows our clients to trade effectively in financial markets.

Mission Statement:

Continues growth: Every day we strive to improve our services to provide the best customer experience and the best service possible.
Broad Market Coverage: Trade in all the global markets across many asset classes including forex, cryptocurrencies, indices and stocks.
Competitive Prices: Our tight spreads and low margin requirements make us one of the Forex providers of choice.


Market Range of Markets


Onorio offer their customers the ability to trade in FX, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs on shares, indices, and commodities. They also offer on-exchange futures and options trading, as well as bonds and ETFs. You can also choose to take advantage of the bank’s investment services either on a self-directed basis trading physical shares, ETFs, etc or by using their fund management products and services.

Onorio Range of Market

Onorio Range of Market

Trading Platforms

Onorio has its own trading platform, the platforms are multi-asset and the web-based platform could be customized by the end client. The platforms offer live prices and charts as, well as integrated news feeds and a configurable dashboard, alongside a built-in stock screener.

There are free streaming quotes from UK, US, and European markets. There are also mobile versions of the platform for iOS and Android users to complement the web-based and desktop versions.

you are actually able to enter the platform without having an account and see how it would work for you

Onorio Trading Platform

Onorio Trading Platform


indicators onorio webtrader

Ease of Use

Onorio web trader is very clearly laid out with easy to read fonts and clear graphics, navigation around the platform is intuitive with tab-centered menus at the top of the page and drop-down menus in sidebars, on the left of the trading screen. You can easily search for instruments and the search engine returns results including any bonds, CFDs, and shares related to the ticker, organization name, or other search terms used.

there are numerous Indicators  ( see image) that are already included and are ready for use.

Order tickets are organized in the same uncluttered style with limit, stop-loss, and take profit fields set out on the front page making order entry very straightforward, there is a tab near the top of the ticket for conditional order types and instructions.

The layout of the dedicated desktop app looks somewhat cramped, crowded, and rather dull by comparison and you will probably find yourself migrating back to the web trading setup in preference to the desktop version.


Spread Costs & Margin Rates

Onorio offers a very clear charging template most products are traded on a flat fee commission basis for example futures trading from 70 US cents per lot. Index CFDs have spreads of 4 pips and up UK share trades including ETFS are variable . .

No Re-quotes or “Shading” of Prices

At Onorio there is no dealing desk – They  are not a market maker. By using fully STP technology, this ensures that there are no re-quotes and no “shading” of prices. We only profit from your trading volume. They  work with the high-end banking community, ensuring consistent liquidity in all currencies.

when you are in the trading platform there is a tab in the top that is called Information  , when you press this you actually see exactly he trading conditions for the selected assets pair.

this is currently one of the most transparent informative trading platforms that we have come across

Onorio Customer Support & Satisfaction

Onorio customer support is based online and is usually accessed through a webchat facility. We found them to be quick to respond, very helpful, and happy to provide information. Though some technical points may get lost in translation as they appear to be based in Europe and not the UK. However overall the customer service is very good.

their FAQ is sold and clear and provides more then enough information for most people


Account Opening & Funding

It is easy and secure to open an account with Onorio.live . To sign up, fill out your details on their Registration Page.

Those who prefer to register by phone can contact one of their account managers to open an account.

At Onorio , you can feel secure that your privacy and personal information is safe. you can read more about Safety of Funds page for information about our web security.