Fibinex Review

In this review we compared Fibinex with competition based on fees, spreads, offer of trading assets and experience of traders.

Our Fibinex review starts with some additional information of this new forex broker.

Fibinex, also known as was founded in 2022 in Charlestown, Nevis. Currently, the broker is an independant broker that focuses on commodity and forex trading. They offer their services to both retail and institutional clients. The broker is building a strong reputation in the industry for its transparency, great service, and reliability. they have a great selection of cryptocurrencies you are able to trade


What are the Fibinex Trading Conditions and Client Fund Protection ?

Fibinex offers excellent trading conditions that suit traders with different needs.

Mostly the broker offers commission-free trading with tight spreads t. The broker integrates their fee into the spread.

Scalping and hedging is allowed on all accounts. Fibinex offers  one-click trading.

The broker offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods which are all very fast:

Wire transfer: The minimum deposit is unlimited, while the maximum deposit is $5000. There are no deposit fees, but Fibinex does not cover any fees that your bank might charge. For withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal is $100 and can take between 2-10 days. Fees depend on the bank.

Credit/Debit cards: You can use Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, or Maestro to deposit or withdraw funds.

The maximum deposit is $10000, while the minimum deposit is $5000. Processing time is up to ten minutes, and there are no deposit fees. For withdrawals, the minimum amount you can withdraw is as low as $100 and takes between 2-10 days. There are no withdrawal or deposit fees

Bitcoin : Fibinex offers also the opportunity to deposit and und your account using Bitcoin. and if we understand correctly also other cryptocurrencies.


Client Fund Protection & Safety

Fibinex values the security of their client’s funds. They offer the below measures to keep clients’ funds safe:

Segregated Funds Account

Fibinex strictly handles client information, accounts and deposited funds by separating them into our segregated bank accounts. These funds are independently kept and separate from the funds of the company. Clients funds will not be used for day to day business operations such as utilities, rent, or employee salaries.

Risk Management

Fibinex regularly conducts both internal and external audits to ensure our organization has met all the legal requirements that come with operating our business properly and safely. Additionally, we also regularly do KYC & AML reviews, assessments and employ several operational risk controls throughout the business.


Fibinex is a reliable Forex broker which is trusted by thousands of our loyal clients from different countries. The reliability of the company is an ability to meet the expectations of clients, excellent quality of work and services. Successful work of Fibinex risk-management team ensures stable work of the company in any situation on the market.

Liquidity of the biggest banks

Liquidity for Fibinex is provided by biggest world banks. Moreover the clients of the company get only the best prices from the price float which is offered by these banks for the most beneficial orders.



Every client should be sure that his funds and his personal information are kept securely while working with our company.

Measures of security are:

Data Transfer Protection

Data transfer via an SSL security connection with encryption of information helps to prevent the interception of user data by a third party while working with the website, no matter where you are.

Protection from Negative Balance

The Fibinex company makes compensations of the clients’ losses that exceed the amount of funds on their trading accounts. This means that when negative balance takes place because of a sharp movement on the market, it will be set to zero in order to protect the clients from the unexpected losses.

Multilevel system of servers

Infrastructure, which consists of multiple servers, supports uninterrupted work of the system. And a complex scheme of data backup helps to prevent loss of the clients’ information (personal data, history of commercial transactions, etc.) in any situation.

International security standard

Internal procedures of the company are based on the PCI DSS security standard, which involves a complex approach to information security of the clients’ data.

Data storage protection

Data of users is protected not only while transferring between the company’s website and the browser, we also provide an encryption of all stored information that helps to prevent unauthorized access to the data of our clients.

Benefits of fibinex

Benefits of fibinex

Why Trade Through Fibinex?


Transparent, Secure, Reliable

When choosing a broker, don’t ever settle for less than you deserve. As a full-service brokerage firm, they provide you with complete confidence and peace of mind with the ultimate conditions for trading. By joining our online trading community, you can rest assured that your funds are fully protected, following the strictest rules and securities.

Opportunities, Any Time, Anywhere

In the world of online trading, access to the market is everything. Being able to trade 24-hours a day – at home, work, or wherever, is no longer a luxury – it’s an essential part of trading. To meet that growing demand, our team of proven experts have designed and developed a line of fully-scalable trading platforms enabling you to monitor global financial markets and derivatives and capitalize on trends at the time and place most convenient.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Potential

they set their sights on being the most affordable player in the market. Their principal priority is to provide you with a reliable and rewarding trading environment that offers optimal conditions for increasing your profit probability.

Opening deposits as low as £/€/$5000, tight and competitive spreads, leverage ratios of up to 1:400, and unique promotions are just a few of the trading benefits we have in store for you.

Extremely Fast Execution

One of the most essential aspects of online trading is speed. Any financial wiz will tell you that. In an industry where every second and millisecond counts, you want to make sure your orders are executed immediately without delay. Whether you’re seeking to open or close a position, Their stable order execution system enables you to take complete control of your portfolio in real-time with a simple button click, completely commissioning-free.