where ever you look on the web, you will literally trip over the promises that are thrown at your of huge profits and get rich in one day schemes. This will come together with along with testimonials from traders which seem too good to be true and most of the time are. People and trader are no different ;) tend to look for short cuts , in trading like anything else there are not many shortcuts and if you think you found one you might up paying for it in premium and loose a lot of money What you have to keep in mind if you hope to become successful in trading, is that Forex is not a get-rich-quick scheme by itself, it requires knowledge the right state of mind . Forex trading is a serious business - and as such should be approached like one. Of course there are a select few traders who started without an FX education and have become successful, but they are more the exception the the rule , like the chain smoking grandma of 95 years old, it happens just not very often. The Best Books for Traders we always advice to read and educate yourself , most brokers like GKFX and FTGMarkets have dedicated education areas for their traders and CMS Trader actually sees it as a challenge to get you up to speed. so read . below you will find a good and solid selection of books The Best Books for Traders and that should help get you on the way. i honestly have to admit that i have read around 60% of them some of them are to new for me :)

The Best Books for Traders beginner and intermediate

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